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40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs

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Ok, ladies, are our salvation. They are easier to style than short or , while they still offer much freedom for variety and experiments. Which haircut to choose? That’s your decision, we can only guide you, showing what’s trendy, what’s convenient and what’s versatile. Can you come up with a combination of all the 3? You surely can. There are some bright examples in photos below.

What Shoulder-Length Hairstyles Are Most Popular in 2019

– Bob haircuts. They are never out of fashion because they are versatile and suit all face shapes, depending on the chosen length. You can have a shorter or longer bob with a blunt cut or asymmetric side bang, use a center or side parting. If your face is square, don’t ever opt for a bob that ends at your chin line, just let it be longer.

– Layered, graded shoulder-length haircuts. Such haircuts are very advantageous for curly hair, because they create some wonderful volume and show your curls in the best light. If you hair is relaxed, a layered haircut will also look fine on you, thanks to choppy ends that arrange a sort of сute creative mess on your head.

How to Choose a Haircut According to the Shape of Your Face?

  1. Round faces benefit from any asymmetry, because it creates lines, lengthening a round face. Use asymmetric bangs or thing choppy bangs, a side parting and curls, covering cheeks. Avoid thick blunt cut bangs.
  2. Square faces should shy away from the haircuts, ending at the chin line. Any asymmetry is welcome. All broad faces, round or square ones, look great with curls.
  3. Triangular faces will seem oval with haircuts, creating volume in the area of your cheeks and chin. Layered hairstyles with curly hair will be just fine.
  4. Rectangular faces should avoid long length haircuts with straight hair. Long locks along a rectangular face make it seem even longer. Don’t make much volume on top either. Curls and waves are ideal for this shape also.
  5. Oval faces are perfect faces, meaning the shape. You can wear whatever haircut you like and you’ll look awesome for sure.

Simply the Best Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs

Okay, it’s time for visible examples.

#1: Terrific and Tousled

medium layered burgundy hairstyle

Draw attention to your gorgeous eyes with a heavy side bang that stops just above your eyelashes. Incorporate layers within your medium haircut with bangs to add movement and sexiness to your side-swept style. A deep burgundy pops well against a rosy complexion.

#2: Chic and Conservative

If you are a woman who aims to be stylish without following the trends blindly, this hairstyle with bangs is a must-have. It is polished and healthy-looking. It avoids looking dull with a helpful handful of chunky blonde pieces.

brown bob with blonde balayage highlights

#3: Casual and Curly

If you are in search of an everyday look that can transition from the desk to the dance floor, this picture is a no brainer. Wispy bangs are ideal for thick hair because they frame the face without overwhelming it.

medium layered hairstyle with bangs

#4: Blonde Ambition

Uma Thurman made the blunt bob with bangs a must-have style with her character Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Put a spin on it, by using a bleach blonde color instead of the signature raven black. It’s a modern spin on the classic hair style.

platinum blonde bob with bangs

#5: Straight to the Point

This is another example of putting your own touch on the traditional bob hairstyle. A cropped solid-colored bob is a must-try look for ladies who love a bit of vintage flair. But, if you want to take it a step further, try cutting your bangs to resemble a widow’s peak – a great way to draw attention to a striking lip color.

short bob with V-shaped straight fringe

#6: Wrapped in Ruby

When you want to upgrade a traditional shoulder length haircut with bangs, there’s nothing better than a bright color to do the trick. The deep crimson is the perfect contrast to cool fair skin tones. For bonus style points, try matching your lip color to your hair hue.

cherry hue hair color for medium hairstyle

#7: Jagged Ends and Blunt Bangs

Instead of the standard layered cut, try a slanted style. At first glance, you probably won’t notice that one side is longer than the other; sometimes it’s the little details that matter the most. The uneven ends lengthen the face in the same way that layers would.

long red asymmetrical bob

#8: Curly Caramel Ends

Never listen to the rules about the dos and don’ts of curly hair. While many women believe that you can’t wear bangs with curls, it is possible as long as you make sure you blend them correctly. Having been cut slightly longer at the sides, they can meld more easily with a spiraled style.

long wavy bob with caramel ends and arched bangs

#9: Vibrant in Violet

Purple is definitely the color of the season, but if you really want to stand out, opt for a vibrant violet instead of the popular lavender options that other women are embracing. Heavy layers help to cut down on the density of the tight curls within your haircut with bangs.

messy wavy bob with cropped bangs

#10: Black and Blonde

When you look this fabulous, you can’t feel any other way than confident and happy. Use long bangs to highlight fun facial jewelry like a nose ring or “Marilyn Monroe” piercing. By using a lighter color around the face, you can brighten your complexion without changing the overall color of your style.

long sleek black bob with platinum ends

#11: Waves of Fire

Bed head is one of the hottest trends of the season because of its casual coolness and low maintenance. If you want to take your relaxed look from chill to thrill, an orange and blonde dye job within your shoulder length hairstyle with bangs will do the trick.

medium red shaggy hairstyle

#12: Blunt and Blue

When experimenting with bold colors like blue and purple, it’s best to protect your strands especially when they are relaxed. By using a weave, you can try an outrageous color combo without any fear of side effects.

blue bob with purple highlights for black women

#13: Curl the Ends

A great trick for thin hair is to tousle your strands and flip the ends. This adds fullness to lifeless locks. Incorporate some movement and a touch of casual imperfection within your hairstyle by curling the pieces in different directions.

long tousled bob with bangs


#14: Cute and Classy

Look no further than the picture above if you are seeking a sweet and subtle haircut with bangs. The natural brown hair hue and minimal layers makes it a look that can work for a variety of occasions, whether formal or casual.

simple medium haircut with light bangs

#15: Bubbly Layered Bob

Side bangs tend to work best for round faces because they create definition and add angles to the fullness of a round face. Women with full cheeks should avoid blunt bangs, as they shorten the face and accentuate the widest point of it.

chin-length bob with layers and side bangs

#16: Rocking in Red

A jaw-length haircut is easily transformed into a terrific hairstyle with the help of a color as spicy as Red Hot hard candy. Instead of a usual long bang, try an angled tiered fringe. Not only is it fantastic for optical purposes, it’s also extremely edgy.

short edgy magenta bob

#17: Messy and Modern

What does make this style a win-win choice in medium length? Beach waves are modern and romantic, which makes them perfect for a variety of hair textures and colors. And platinum is always an effortless hue for a medium length haircut with bangs, because it is trendy, but doesn’t look overly pretentious.

platinum tousled bob

#18: Hot Hipster

While most blunt bangs stop just below the eyebrows, this style puts a spin on them by raising the ends just a bit to give them more of a hipster vibe. To avoid distracting from the interesting detail, embrace natural waves throughout your hairdo.

black wavy lob with cropped blunt bangs

#19: Boisterous in Blue

If you are a woman with no cares in the world, you need a hairdo to match. Instead of reaching for bright neon hues, consider an icy blue – it works better against pale complexions. A V-cut on your fringe takes the usual sweetness out of your bangs.

funky pastel blue bob

#20: Indie Rock Inspiration

Many indie rockers have worn this medium hairstyle with bangs because it is fierce yet laid back and shows that you have personality. For a faint touch of bling, add a fun septum piercing.

blunt chin-length bob with subtle highlights

#21: Short Sans Sweet

The bang trend of 2019 veers towards a super short cut instead of the longer, wispy ones of previous years. There’s something incredibly edgy about the snipped fringe, so pair it with an equally interesting pop of color.

shoulder length straight hairstyle with cropped bangs

#22: Charming Chin-Length Cut

Create a wavy effect without full-blown curls by flipping your ends in different directions. This works especially well with layers because it creates a flirty look perfect for a first date. Contrast such a charming style with a tough color.

chin-length brown bob with purple face framing highlights

#23: Mysterious Purple Black Waves

Many women may veer towards minimal layers, but when you want to create volume for thin hair it’s best to opt for heavier ones. The cool tones in the deep purple medium hairstyle with bangs contrast well with the warmth in the milk chocolate complexion; it is a bright color, but manages to appear polished.

purple balayage for black hair

#24: Sweet Cinnamon Snip

A lot of women confuse fine hair with thin hair. Fine hair actually refers to the thickness of a hair shaft; so many ladies can have tons of hair on their head, but still fit into the category. Long layers are best for fine hair, because they flatter the face and give a flattering shape to your strands.

medium layered haircut for thin hair

#25: Tangle Your Textures

Instead of playing with colors and cuts for a standout style, try mixing your textures. Many women would be afraid to pair straight bangs with crazy natural curls, but the final look is edgy and not over the top.

medium tousled waves and short bangs

#26: Lead Singer Material

No one has mastered the signature hairstyle with bangs and the rock edge like Joan Jett. Instead of the exact replica of her style, put a spin on the classic jet black hairdo with a high voltage hue. It’s fitting for a leading lady in any arena.

short black layered haircut with red bangs


#27: Two-Tone Spirals

Tight natural coils are light and fun, but without a bit of highlights they can appear a tad dense. The caramel hue defines the curls and brightens up your complexion. It’s an easy style for a cute girl with a bubbly personality.

medium natural hairstyle

#28: Sassy and Shoulder-Length

In this picture we see a great example of the choppy layered haircut for the edgy girl at any age that wants movement and versatile looks achieved.

blonde layered haircut for medium hair


#29: Blunt Marsala Cut

It’s easy to find bangs for oval faces, because the facial structure pretty much goes well with any style. The key is versatility, which can be achieved by asking for slightly longer bangs that come down past the eyebrows. This way you can also wear them to the side or pinned back for a variety of looks.

long burgundy bob with blunt bangs

#30: Fall in Line

Emphasize on the contrast between the hard and soft with a sleek bob that is elevated by the sharp lines of the blunt cut and accurate bangs. The key to pulling off a strict chop like this is to keep the strands super straight. If this looks familiar, it is because it’s the go-to haircut of Anna Wintour—which means this style is Vogue-approved.

chin-length bob with short straight bangs

#31: Rosy Perspective

Pastel colors are extremely popular, with shades of lavender, pink and blue reigning supreme. So, if you are a woman who likes to make her own mark, a dusty rose color is soft and unique and it pairs well with medium brown hair.

brown hair with pastel pink highlights

#32: Artsy Angles

Adding angles to your medium haircut with bangs is a quick way to create volume. But, if you already have full strands, an ombre dye job provides a lighter texture for thick hair and balances the extra height from the slanted cut.

medium brown hair with copper ombre highlights

#33: Wavy and Wispy

Looking for a saucy style for your next girls’ night out? You can’t go wrong with tousled waves and a flirty fringe. If you are a natural brunette, but want to warm up your look, try filtering in caramel highlights especially towards the front.

layered hairstyle for medium thin hair

#34: Shaggy and Sharp

There’s nothing sexier than that effortless “I woke up like this” look. Side-swept bangs are an easy way to achieve a flawless style that is enticing yet endearing. It’s an ideal hairdo for a cool college girl.

choppy bob haircut

#35: Fade to Light

Just because you aren’t a teenager, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your look. Adding a dirty blonde or caramel ombre to your haircut with bangs modernizes your look and makes it easy to maintain if you are a busy woman. No need to worry about root touch-ups here!

dark brown hair with caramel ombre highlights

#36: Golden Brown Flicks

This is another example of using a layered style to create fullness within fine strands. It is definitely an issue with older black women who have relaxed hair – because it can become weak. You can also use color, i.e. darker roots and lighter highlights, to achieve more depth.

short hairstyle with flicks for black women

#37: Technicolor Dream

Watercolor isn’t just for paintings; it can also work for your next hairstyle. While the colors are definitely bold, they are also sophisticated because of the artful brushstrokes. With the sharp cut and diluted hues, you will be a walking canvas.

pastel colored angled bob

#38: Rock with no Regrets

There’s nothing shy about this style, so if you are scared to come out of your shell this is not the medium hairstyle with bangs for you. From the extreme cut with the undershaves in the front to the angled messy curls in the back, it is a look that shows you are marching to your own style beat.

funky medium hairstyle with temple undershaves

#39: Simple and Stylish

Some women need to maintain a conservative look for work reasons, which means that wild styles like the photo above are out of the running. But, when you want to give your haircut some flair after office hours, a dark vampy lipstick should do the trick.

medium layered brown hair

#40: Posh and Parisian

We all know that French women have gotten that casual sensuality on point. Long layers and loose messy curls are undeniably attractive, and with a hint of vintage flair this look is a winner for women of any age and any style.

layered haircut with long bangs

Well, you do have a choice and you can change your images because wearing the same hairstyle for years is not actually in female nature.

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40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs
40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs images

2019 year
2019 year - 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs pictures

40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs forecast
40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs forecast photo

40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs pictures
40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs photo

40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs new photo
40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs new foto

picture 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs
pictures 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs

Watch 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs video
Watch 40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs video

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