How to make an old stuffed animal look new again

How to Care for a Stuffed Owl


Taking Care of Your Owl

  1. Rinse your owl's feathers when they get dirty.If you notice a gross, hard lump in your owl's feathers (most likely caused by hugging them too much), you should probably cut it out, even if your cutting skills are not that good. A clean bald spot is better than really gross feathers. If your owl can't be washed in water, wash it with a damp washcloth. Brush the feathers frequently to maintain their cute look.
    • You could also wash your owl in the washing machine. This is risky, however, because it could mess up your owl's feathers. So try to be very careful. You don't want your owl to have wrecked feathers! Check if your animal is washing machine friendly.
    • You can color in the bald patch of feathers if you want to.
  2. Take care not to get your owl dirty.Don't drag your owl around or leave it on the ground. If you don't get your owl dirty at all, then you don't have to clean it. So try to keep your owl's feathers fresh, clean, and neat. It will pay off!
  3. Clean your owl's eyes.Wipe them off with a wet wipe once in a while.
  4. Examine your owl once in a while for rips or tears.If you find any, use thin thread and a needle to sew it back up. If you don't know how to sew, ask an adult so you don't hurt yourself.

Loving Your Owl

  1. Imagine your owl is your kid.Love your owl as you would love your kid. Give it lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles every day, which won't be hard to do since your owl is already irresistibly cute. Teach it how to fly. Read it stories.
  2. Give your owl a good name.Include a first, middle, and last name. You could name it after your favorite color, an element of nature, or a song you like. The possibilities are endless. Just make it a beautiful name you and the owl both love. Some nice names are Amber, Fluffy, or Jacy.
  3. Make your owl a space to hang out in.Get a large cardboard box and decorate it. You could use sparkles and gems and pretty tape, but you could also use other things. Try glittery stickers, gems, wrapping paper, a dixie cup, string, and pictures from a Better Home and Garden magazine. Just make it original. Your owl will truly appreciate the gesture, and it will be fun to make as well.

Playing with Your Owl

  1. Have your owl play with your other stuffed animals a lot.No one likes to be lonely. Introduce your owl to your other stuffed animal friends so they can have fun. They don't have to be other owls. Your owl will be the most popular in the nest in no time!
  2. Introduce your owl to your friends with stuffed owls/stuffed toys.You could even have play dates where you play with your owls. Make them go to school, to a restaurant, to their grandmother's house, etc. Basically, they could go anywhere!
  3. Give your owl human friends.Play with your owl and your best friend, or have a neighbor owl-sit it sometime. If your owl is one of those cute little Beanie Boo keychains, you could even clip it onto your backpack, bring it to school, and play with it during recess if your school allows it. It will meet lots of friends there. It might even have a crush on one or two cuties.
  4. Give it doll accessories and dress it up.It will look super cute. For example, you can dress it up in three tiny doll barrettes, a doll strap purse, and a glittery doll T-shirt.
  5. Feed your owl.Feed it foods you like, such as pancakes, burgers, and cupcakes. You could feed it fake food or real food. However, real food is risky, because it could get your owl dirty. So when feeding it real food, only feed it gummy bears, plain potato chips, tiny pretzels, and so on. Messy foods such as cheese puffs, applesauce, and ice cream will make it dirty.

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  • When you take your owl on a trip, consider carrying it, putting it in a separate bag, or putting it on top so it doesn't get squashed.
  • Take care not to drop your owl from a high place. If you accidentally do, apologize and give it a hug, cuddle, and kiss.
  • Write your name on its label so that if you lose it you know it's yours. This is especially important when you take it out and about.
  • When your helping your owl fly, start at low places and progress to higher.

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