Find Space In Your Small Kitchen

How to Work With a Small Kitchen

Three Methods:

If you love to cook, but you have a small kitchen, it can be a serious struggle. You can maximize your space by creating more storage and setting ground rules for yourself when you cook. If the appearance of your small kitchen is the thing that's bothering you, you can make it appear larger by altering the decor.


Creating More Storage Space

  1. Clear the kitchen of unneeded clutter.Clutter can cause a small kitchen to appear even smaller than it is. If you are struggling to find storage space, make sure that the things in your kitchen are necessary. Clear off flat surfaces to give yourself more space to work and move non-kitchen items out of the room.
    • Some things that may be cluttering your kitchen include a plastic wrap or tin foil containers, magazines, books, Tupperware, trash bags, and pot lids.
  2. Look for smaller, unused spaces.Look for spaces between appliances and cabinets, like the space between your refrigerator and cabinets or the space under the island. Locate places in your kitchen where you can add additional storage.
    • Another unused space may be the place above your refrigerator.
  3. to hang things. Instead of storing your pots and pans inside of a cabinet or pantry, you can store them on the wall if you install hooks.You can also hang hooks on the inside of your pantry doors to hang more items.
  4. Use the oven for storage.If you have no storage space for things like cooking trays, pots, or pans, you can use your oven to store the items while you don't use them. Just make sure that you take everything out of the oven when you decide to use it.
  5. Purchase a rolling cart.A rolling cart will give you additional storage space for kitchenware. Typically these carts will come with shelves and can act like a mobile storage space. You can purchase a rolling cart at furniture and department stores.
  6. Keep larger utensils in jars.Rather than taking up space in your limited drawer or shelf space, larger utensils like wooden spoons, ladles, and spatulas can be kept in mason jars. Use this cheap and easy solution to reduce the clutter in your kitchen.
  7. Get a magnetic knife holder.A magnetic knife holder can be mounted on the wall and will free up space in your drawers because you won't have to store knives in them anymore. You can purchase magnetic knife holders online or at kitchen stores.
  8. Install an island.An island in your kitchen will allow you to use extra unused floor space for storage. Also, you can use the surface as an eating space, saving space needed for a table. When choosing an island, consider the storage possibilities through drawers, shelves or hooks that can be incorporated into the design.
    • When installing a new island, make sure to leave at least 36” (91.44 cm) of space in between the island and appliances.
  9. Purchase smaller appliances.Smaller appliances like a smaller range, oven, refrigerator or dishwasher will help you save space in your small kitchen. When shopping for new appliances, look at the smaller models and consider getting them instead of the full sized models.

Cooking in a Small Space

  1. Limit the cooks in the kitchen.The more people cooking at once will make it harder to move around and work. Try to limit the number of people who are cooking to one person so that you can maximize your space.
  2. Clean as you cook.If you have a smaller kitchen, dirty dishes and plates can pile up and take up a lot of space. Avoid cluttering your kitchen by cleaning things as you go along instead of stacking them up in the sink.
  3. Use one-pan recipes.One pot or one pan recipes will reduce the amount of pans and pots that you need for a dish. This will eliminate the cleanup you'd have to do if you used multiple pieces of kitchenware, reduce the overall clutter in your kitchen, and make it easier to cook in a small space. Search online for one pot or one pan recipes.
  4. Do prep work in advance.Doing prep work before you cook will make cooking easier and will reduce your overall cleanup. Think of things that you can do before you cook, like cutting vegetables or cooking pasta.
    • Other prep work includes marinating and cutting meat, making sauces, measuring spices.

Making Your Kitchen Appear Larger

  1. Use glass cabinet doors.Glass cabinet doors will make the walls appear as if they are further away from you and can open up a room. A small kitchen with solid wood cabinet doors can make the room feel even smaller and claustrophobic.
  2. Install a mirror over your sink.A mirror will give the illusion of a larger room. Hang one over your sink or somewhere else in your kitchen to open the room up and give the illusion of more space.
  3. Paint the kitchen white.White paint will reflect light and will enhance the sense of space in your kitchen. Avoid a sterile feeling kitchen by mixing up the textures in the different portions of your kitchen.
  4. Light up your kitchen.When thinking about lights, consider the height of your ceilings and make sure that lighting fixtures don't hang too low or it will make your kitchen appear even smaller. The more lit your kitchen appears, the larger it will look.
    • Popular lights in a kitchen include chandeliers, recessed lighting, or hanging light bulbs.
    • You can also get lights to fit under your cabinets.

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